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The Road to Recovery

Locating the right alcohol rehab program for yourself or a loved one is a tough, yet critical step on that path, and it is a step with which we can help.

Alcoholism Help

Are you or someone you love struggling with alcoholism or alcohol abuse? Do you need to talk about it? If so, call 888-223-4758 today.

Intake advisors at the Alcohol Abuse Resource Center understand that alcoholics need help, not condemnation. Many of our intake advisors have faced and overcome substance abuse challenges in their own lives, so they understand your problems. They are sensitive people who will listen to your concerns and guide you toward a solution. They really care about helping you or your loved one recover from alcoholism.

  • When you phone the Alcohol Abuse Resource Center, your intake advisor will help you find a program that fits your individual needs.
  • A wide variety of treatment options are available in several geographical areas.
  • Recovery opportunities including programs for teens, programs with a Christian theme, programs for women only, and other focused and effective programs
  • Our intake advisors will work with you to find the treatment program that is best for you or your loved one

If your loved one is reluctant to enter treatment, your intake advisor can help you find a professional in your area who can set up a formal intervention. Interventions are loving meetings of family members, friends and co-workers who confront the alcoholic about the impact his or her drinking is having on their lives, and then help the person enter a treatment program.

Everything you say when you phone 888-223-4758 is strictly confidential, and there is no obligation to enroll in any program. The Alcohol Abuse Resource Center is a free service that has helped many people, and we can help you too. You are not alone. You can find the help you need here.

For a healthier and more hopeful tomorrow, call 888-223-4758 or complete the following form today.

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